We regret to inform you that we are closing up shop on August 29, 2014. All remaining orders and warranty items will be shipped by that date. We will do our best to answer emails up until then and possibly shortly after to resolve anything pending during the last few days. 

ThermoVape wishes to thank all of our customers and supporters who have stayed with us over the past few years.  We appreciate your patronage, and we've always prided ourselves on providing the highest quality devices and customer service. 


The ThermoVape Team

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The most advanced portable convection vaporizer system available

Made with cutting edge ceramic and medical grade materials, the Thermovape Cera provides an exceptional alternative to all your smoking needs.
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An Easy, Effective, & Enjoyable Alternative to Smoking


Two Devices
two Ways
to Vape

The ThermoVape Product's modular design is made for all types of smokers.  Two standard bodies and optional cartridges allow you to customize your device to vaporize what you want, how you want, and when you want. 


Loose Leaf

Available :

The loose-leaf Cera is the perfect portable vaporizer device for dry herb. It delivers ultimate flavor, pure vapor, and maximum extraction from your dry herb. Convection vaporization has been shown to achieve superior extraction as compared with combustion.
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Essential Oil Concentrate

Luna or Cera           

Our essential oil portable vaporizers are unrivaled in its ability to delivery instantaneous, dense, flavorful, non-irritating, and potent vapor. The improved design has over double the capacity of our first generation Revolution and is extremely simple to use.
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Tech Specs that
Raise the Bar


The Luna is comprised of stainless steel and carbon fiber. Coupled with a silver plated switch and our proprietary porous ceramic cores, the Luna represents a bombproof "go-anywhere" option for those who expect their devices to endure anything they can throw at it!

The LUNA is made


The Cera is comprised of a stabilized, structural ceramic that is as clean as glass, as strong as steel, and nearly as hard as diamond. Coupled with titanium or stainless  steel parts, the ceramic vaporizer represents a huge technological achievement, producing incredible  vapor and flavor never before realized by any other.
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The Cera has a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturers’ defects. The heater core has a one-year warranty and is easily replaceable for a nominal charge. Vaporizers built to last a lifetime.



 Made in the USA.  We use the highest quality, US-sourced raw materials, and complete all of our manufacturing, assembly, customer service, and distribution from our facility in California. 


The ceramic we use is FDA approved, medical device grade, and American-sourced. Our switches are UL Listed and CSA Approved. The Cera is fully RoHS Compliant, and all our vaporizers carry the CE mark.