About Us

Thermo-Essence Technologies is founded on the single goal of helping people Never Smoke Again.  We are a small American company that uses the latest scientific research and medical literature to design, develop, patent, and build innovative portable vaporizers. With our expertise in mechanical engineering, medical device design/development, and nicotine e-liquid vaporizer the technology excels for our made in the USA e cig and portable vaporizer market niche.   We build the best made in the USA e-cigarette and portable vaporizers in the market.

Our three principles for developing products are safety, reliability, and purity. We build our made in the USA e-cigs and portable vaporizers to effectively, efficiently, and safely vaporize tobacco and e-liquid using cutting edge technology.  We never compromise on materials, safety, or quality. Every electronic cigarette and portable vaporizers are designed, manufactured, hand assembled here in the USA, and backed by a lifetime warranty.  Simply stated, Thermo-Essence Technologies refuses to compromise quality in materials or manufacturing our electronic cigarettes and vaporizers: “good enough” is just not good enough.

Our Principles

Every smokeless cigarette and portable vape we build is held to a rigorous standard. We never compromise on materials, safety, or quality. The decision to build devices of such high quality and unrelenting standard is evident the first time you hold one of our vaporizers.

Every e cig and portable vaporizer is designed, manufactured, hand assembled here in the USA, and backed by a lifetime warranty.


All  portable electronics and especially today's Chinese e-cigs, quickly become e-waste and wind up in a landfill.

The Cera e-cigarette and portable vaporizer is purely mechanical, and is designed to function today, and 20 years from now. Truly a made in the USA smokeless cigarette device that will withstand the test of time. You can boil, soak,  bake and sterilize Cera.

With a proven track record in the e cigarette, e-liquid and portable vaping industry.  Our e-cig is leagues above the rest in durability, and a switch designed for >1,000,000 cycles. You will enjoy your Cera for years to come. 


We use the highest-grade materials to provide the cleanest and most reliable heating source available. Our e cigarette and convection portable vaporizers will not impart anything but precisely controlled clean heat to your favorite loose-leaf, essential oil, or e-liquid, allowing you to enjoy the pure vapor, and nothing else.

Discover the Cera, a truly clean and pure e-liquid electronic cigarette and convection vaporizer.