Loose Leaf Cera - Portable Vaporizer

All ceramic vapor pathway. 

Pure Portable Convection. Never Smoke Again.  

Thermo-Essence Technologies changed portable loose-leaf vaporization in late 2011 with the first pocket-friendly portable convection vaporizer, the ThermoVape T1. The amazing feedback we received from patients and customers inspired us to take the portable vaporizer to the next level. We selected the most advanced materials, technology, and USA manufacturing processes representing the culmination of years of research and design. Our patented and patent pending technology is combined with materials of unparalleled quality and finish resulting in a vaporizer that delivers pure, exceptional vapor.

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After using [loose leaf], I’m still amazed at the unique design and portability, not needing flame, toxic butane, nor tons of pieces to clean and keep track of. Stealth is really good. It’s a healthy alternative to smoking. I’m happy I made the switch to vaping.”
— Sandy J. - 9/13/2012
First and Foremost, thank you so much for making this product. I absolutely love the Thermovape [loose leaf], it is amazing. I can tell you guys worked really hard to make this wonderful product perfect and for that you have a lifelong customer here.
— Dan J. - 2/23/12
I cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond for customer satisfaction. Here’s to Thermo-Essence Technologies becoming one of the best!
— Nicholas R. - 8/10/2012


Technical Specifications:

• FDA Approved Structurally Stabilized Ceramic
• All Ceramic Vapor Path, twenty times stronger than glass
• US sourced Titanium and Stainless Steel materials
• UL Listed IP65 switch. (tamper proof, water resistant)
• Efficient proprietary Iron alloy wire coiled around a Stabilized Ceramic core
• Screen free, clog free, high flow, stir free, deflective air pathway mouthpiece
• Completely insulated Stabilized Ceramic core
• Four times the battery life from previous models

*Do not use any unprotected Li-Ion Batteries. ThermoVape recommends USING ONLY 2C Protected Japanese Manufactured rechargeable Lithium-Ion (Protected ICR, Protected Li-Co, Protected Lio-Ion cells) with our products*

We sell Japanese Made, High Capacity, High Performance, 2C Protected 18650 Li-Co Cells that are assembled (the addition of protection circuitry, overwrap, electrical connections) in the USA. We purchase the highest quality cell made by the industry leader in battery technology and then have have them assembled and protected in the USA to our specification to insure maximum safety and performance.