Luna FAQ

If you're interested in the Luna, please take a moment to view some of our frequently asked questions. Feel free to email or call us with any further questions or concerns. 


Does the Luna use the same cartridges as the Cera?

Yes. The Luna Oil/Wax cartridge is identical to the Cera Oil/Wax cartridge. The Oil Luna uses 1x 18650 (3.7V, the same as the Cera).

Why is the Luna not offered for Loose leaf?

Due to the fact that our Loose Leaf cartridge operates at a higher amperage than the Oil cartridges we will not be offering it with the Luna. It runs hotter than the other cartridges and will in turn warm up the Luna's stainless steel body quicker than it would the Cera's ceramic body. Not to mention the ceramic loose leaf would still require the use of the top cap and ceramic mouthpiece, which does not suit the Luna's design and functionality well.

What warranty is provided for the Luna?

The Luna carries a warranty similar to the Cera. The cartridges have a 1 year warranty, and the rest of the device, not including the batteries, has a limited 10 year warranty from manufacture defects.

When can we expect the Luna to ship for those that pre-ordered?

Shipping will begin the last week of February. Some orders will be shipping as early as the 26th. We will ship the orders in the same order they were received.

What are the differences between the Luna versus the Cera?

The Luna uses a stainless steel body, and a carbon fiber sleeving. The switch is also located at the top of the device for improved comfort and ergonomics. It is lighter and shorter than the Cera and has proven to be more durable as well.

What comes with the Luna Vaporizer/Kit?

The Luna vaporizer can be purchased in a kit or by itself. The kit will provide the customer with the complete vaporizer along with the necessary battery(s) and charger to operate the device. If you have the correct battery(s) and charger already you can purchase just the vaporizer which will come with the main body, and cartridge, as well the mouthpiece and an extra set of o-rings.