Ghost MV1 Review

Ghost MV1 From Vape.Gift

The Ghost MV1 experienced some not-so-great reviews during its initial launch, but they have been fully addressed with the latest model. If you thought about buying one when it first came out, but didn’t, I’d highly suggest looking into it again.

Latest Model Improvements

  • The latest heat-sink with improved seals
  • Highly durable tactile Matt UV finish on reverse
  • Newly improved door mechanism & switch
  • Updated firmware to keep your MV1 vape operating at its very best
  • Improved tolerances

Compared To The Greats

The Ghost has been increasingly compared to the great vaporizers like The Mighty Vaporizer and the Firefly 2.

On-Demand Heating

The MV1 has on-demand heating, which means that you can pack a bowl, hit it once or twice, and save the rest for later. This isn’t true for vapes like The Mighty Vaporizer.

What’s In The Box?

With your MV1, you’ll get a USB Charge Cable & Accessories Pack which includes:

Quick Start Guide / 1 x Spare Crucible with Lid / 1 x Concentrate Pad / 3 x Picks / 3 x Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes / 3 x Cleaning Buds.


What’s The Price?

The retail price is $295 and you can purchase it from Vape.Gift. Use the promo code THERMO10 for 10% off!

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